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First of all, we would like to thank you for taking a portion of your time to read Rigow’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy explains what information we collect from you, and how we collect, use, and keep it. Rigow’s privacy policy applies to the information we collect through the website or through the app.

You should know that when referring to the use of app or website or company or we in this case we mean to talk about Rigow. As for when referring to using you or the user the customer or service provider, then in this case we mean all individuals who obtain services through us.

If you have any questions or concerns about Rigow’s Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will answer all your inquiries and questions.

This app is not intended for or directed to persons under the age of 18, and we will not knowingly collect information from persons under the age of 18. For this, in order to use the site or the application, you must be 18 years of age or older. If we find an account for anyone who overrides this item, we will immediately deactivate their account Rigow.

(A) The services provided by Rigow

Rigow is a social network providing integrated services by helping PTs and fit organizations to expand their business and reach more clients and helping people looking for a healthy, balanced and sporty life to reach the best personal trainers or the nearest gym that helps them achieve their aim and reach a perfect body.

    So Rigow app provides has the main service which is:
  • Community: to engage with the Rigow community to feel more innovative toward your goal
  • Booking: To help the customer will be able to choose his ideal PT and book with him directly.
  • Rate: to helps the users see the rates before booking to make sure of your choice, You can also rate your PT after dealing with them.
  • Chat: To make the user feel free to chat with your PT for 24 hrs to follow up with him/her with the updates.
    So service provider and users can:
  • Personal Trainers Offer and provide their services to clients by creating a personal profile that shows all their professional information that helps them attract clients
  • Gyms and Academy offer and provide their services by creating a personal file that explains all their professional data, their method of work, and the services they provide.
  • Dietitian and physiotherapists offer and provide their services to clients by creating a personal file showing all their professional information.
  • Users can find the appropriate fitness Gyms or Pt, communicate with them, and book the service they need through the application.
  • Users can chat with fitness coaches, dietitians, and physiotherapists they need and easily book the service.
  • Users can chat with fitness coaches, dietitians, and physiotherapists they need and easily book the service.

(B) What personal information does Rigow collect?

We collect or voluntarily receive personal information from you, through login process and account creation on Rigow. Most of this information is in order to help us provide you with the right service that you deserve. This information is identified from the start and is evident in various ways:

  1. Account creation: It includes the information you need in order to create an account, such as the name, email address, phone number, and password. Or social media account (Like Facebook - Google) information if you login with it.
  2. There is some other information that we need to know in order to complete your profile and they are as follows:

For the user, we will need some information, such as:

  • City
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Length
  • Weight

For Academy and Gyms, we need some basic information from them that helps them display their services in a suitable manner to their customers, such as:

  • Club / gym logo
  • Legal documents that prove the legality of the club
  • City
  • Address or addresses of the gym (if there is more than one branch)
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Social media accounts
  • The services it provides and their dates in detail
  • Payment method

For a Personal Trainer / Dietitian / Physiotherapist, we need from them some basic information that we need to help them provide their services appropriately:

  • Personal picture
  • Experience certificates that prove his skills
  • City
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Social media accounts
  • The services it provides and their dates in detail
  • Payment method

There are no contracts signed between Rigow and Gyms, Academys, personal trainers, nutritionists, and physiotherapists, so we ask them to have some legal documents and professional certificates that prove their worth and legality at work, and a copy of which is uploaded upon registration through the application to check it and approve their membership.

Information collected automatically through the use of the website or application

  1. We record usage data when you visit or use the Rigow website or app in one way or another, such as when you view or click on content or ads (on or off our site), perform a search, browse, schedule a reservation, and install or update one of our app. Specifically, the information we collect automatically may include information such as Internet Protocol IP address, device type, unique device identification numbers, browser type, geographic location (such as country or city location), and other technical information. We may also collect information about how your device interacts with our site, including which pages were accessed and links clicked.
  2. We may also collect your precise geolocation data related to your phone number if you have agreed to provide this to us through your device settings. We may use this information to provide, promote and improve our services (for example, by displaying the services you need near your location such as the academy, gym closest to you, or the dietitian closest to you) and for related reasons, including but not limited to fraud prevention and security purposes. If you do not agree to provide your location data, some of the app features that we promised to provide to you from the beginning may not work.
  3. All the aforementioned information that we collect automatically from you, helps us to understand all visitors and users who come to our site or download our application. Among the things that we understand through this information: Where visitors came to our site specifically, and what content is most important to them. All this information helps us to develop and improve our services in a way that satisfies all customers.

Cookies, and other technologies

We use cookies and similar technologies to identify you and your device (the devices that you use to browse the Rigow’s website or app) and obtain some information that helps us provide services in the best manner suitable for you.

Data from third parties

  1. On occasion, we may receive personal information about you from third parties in order to help us evaluate and improve our services and offerings to you. When we obtain information from outside parties, it is with your consent first or in accordance with applicable laws. For example, but not limited to, a service provider (gyms, personal trainers, dieticians, physiotherapists) may provide us with some information about the reservation you have made and if there are some problems you have encountered or the improvement you have felt.
  2. At the same time, we may collect personal information about you through Facebook or any other social media that you use in order to register on the website or application, this information may include, for example, name, email address, country, city, gender, and a list of your friends or various contacts.
  3. There is some information that we may obtain by integrating the Rigow app with other apps that help us measure and track your daily activities, such as heart rate, fat burning rate, lost calories ... and other information provided by these apps.

(C) What does Rigow do with the information it collects from you?

Rigow collects data from you in order to use it for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  1. Website and app: The information that we collect from you is used to improve the services provided, meet all users' needs as required, as well as customize the experience and content that suits you.
  2. Communication: Rigow uses the information you provide to it in order to communicate with you in one way or another, whether via e-mail or phone or even through notifications provided by the app from time to time. For example, but not limited to, in order to communicate with you about some promotional offers that we think you have shown interest in before, or in order to respond to one of your inquiries or complaints that you submitted to us or solve a matter related to you.
  3. Marketing and Promotion methods: To help us develop our marketing strategy, and to help us provide you with the right offers and discounts at the right time.
  4. Development of services: We use this information in order to prepare reports and analyze data and information in order to modify the strategies that we depend on based on clear insights, which helps us to improve the services provided in a way that suits all categories of users.
  5. Maintaining the app: We use this information and keep it in order to maintain and protect the site and the application and provide them with complete security based on the terms of service that we provide, in order to prevent any fraud, hacking, or other security problems that may occur to us.

(D) How does Rigow share your personal information?

We may disclose your personal information to one side or another for one of the following reasons:

  • To any Rigow member who works directly on processing your data and information in order to provide you with appropriate services and assistance at any stage.
  • Third-party service providers and partners who process our data and other services, for example in order to protect our site or provide additional services to assist us, or credit card processing, or hosting service providers.
  • To any competent law enforcement agency, regulatory agency, governmental body, court, or any third party where we believe disclosure is necessary as a law or applicable regulation, to exercise, create or defend our legal rights, or to protect your vital interests or those of anyone else.

(E) How does Rigow keep your information and data safe and secure?

We rely on all standard security standards that help us protect your personal information and data. We also adhere to all precautionary measures in order to provide the highest level of security to maintain the security of your data and information. We always monitor our systems and count on trusted hosting providers.

(F) Third-party websites

Our site may contain links to third-party websites or mobile applications linked to us in order to provide better services, including social sharing features and other related tools. Please be aware that Rigow does not control or manage these linked websites or apps and that this privacy notice does not apply to any information that you provide to the owner of these sites or applications. We encourage you to read the privacy policy of any third-party website or application that you visit before providing it with any information.

(G) Updates and changes to the Privacy Policy

Rigow may at any time and change its privacy policy, in order to provide more protection and security for the information you provide. Your continued use of the application or website after changing our privacy policy indicates your full acceptance.

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